Corporate Information

Business activities

With the full recognition of the importance of risk management for the information security, which is one of the major subjects in the today’s information society, we are engaged in the development of our own software as well as finding and distributing innovative and highly functional software products employing the most current technology from all over the world. We take full advantage of our international business network and our experience, knowledge and skills in technology. As an ICT solution provider we aim at offering high quality total services using most advanced technologies, including provision of one-stop cross-cutting solutions, evaluation of software, technical support and other services corresponding to the varying customer needs.

Software Development

Our main product MylogStar is a series of in-house developed software specializing in log management and control. With the comprehensive and accurate log collection capability Mylogstar enables the effective control and use of PC operation logs, and with the wide line-up to meet the individual customer needs including size and budget, the software is being used by many customers reflecting the increasing importance of information security. We also offer high quality and high value-added software including technical support for various software products as well as customized development in order to meet customers’ needs.

Software Distribution

Taking advantage of our long time experience as a software distributor for overseas and domestic software products, and also with the world-wide business network, we search and find high functional business software for information leakage protection, storage management and backup/recovery being used all over the world. We offer such high quality software products localizing for Japanese market and provide planning, distribution and support.

System Solution

As an ICT solution provider we offer a total solution customized to best fit the customers’ needs and system life cycle from our various system solution menu. With the key word such as Virtualization, Operation management and Security, we provide one-stop cross-cutting services from consultation to sales of system equipment, including proposal, design, construction, operation, and support.